Train-The-Trainer Programs

We can help you become recognized as the "internal expert" on each of the programs you present.

Each On Target program may be purchased with all the materials needed by the facilitator to conduct an effective training program. Experienced trainers will find the materials easy to use and the programs easy to present.

Some trainers might find it more reassuring to receive training on the program content before actually conducting the program. For these trainers, we offer personal train-the-trainer sessions for each of our programs.

Train-The-Trainer (Becoming a Dynamic Trainer)

This program helps you build upon and sharpen your training skills.

This training workshop is designed to meet the needs of all trainers - regardless of the type of training program that you deliver. This dynamic program introduces presentation techniques that will add zest and energy to any training program. Trainers who attend this workshop will build upon the skills that they already possess. You will learn how to set the tone for the training session and change the tone when necessary. You will learn how to use energizers, group activities, games and other activities that will enhance the learning experience for your class participants and increase their retention of the material presented. This is definitely a hands-on workshop, and we guarantee that you will leave the session with new tools and techniques and with your training skills nicely polished!

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