This series includes six topics that can be presented as independent modules or as part of a whole program.

Excellence in Leadership Program

This intensive program guides the participant through the process of identifying their leadership strengths as well as areas for personal growth and improvement. The focus of this program is on increased self-awareness and targeted behavior change. By the end of this program, participants will possess a long-term improvement action plan that is designed to build on their identified strengths and address areas for personal and professional improvement. Individual assessments are utilized throughout this session.

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Communicating for Results

This one day session focuses on the dynamics of the communication process. The session consists of a variety of activities which dramatize poor communication techniques and model the proper way to communicate most effectively. Participants also learn about their own personal communication style and how to recognize and interact with people who have a different communication style.

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Team Building for Team Leaders

In this session, participants identify their strongest team skills and isolate those skills that need further development. A variety of activities are used to challenge each participant to work as a contributing team member. Each participant is encouraged to make personal commitments to change and growth that will improve their own contribution and enhance the effectiveness of their work team. (Optional: Pre-session team assessment instruments are also available.)

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Effective Time Management

This one day session addresses key time management issues and challenges participants to take a hard look at how they use their time and why they make certain time usage choices. It includes five time management tools that participants can use when they are back on the job.

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Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring

One of the more difficult managerial tasks is managing the performance of others. In this program, participants will learn the key techniques of coaching, counseling and mentoring employees. Perhaps most importantly, participants will learn when it is appropriate to use each of the techniques. This program is usually presented in a one-day format.

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Responding to and Managing Conflict

Conflict is a normal part of human interaction. Dealing effectively with conflict is a skill that can be learned and applied to a variety of work and non-work situations. In this one-day program, participants will learn about the types and causes of conflicts and the menu of conflict response choices available to them. They will also learn about their own conflict response preferences and how these can either help or hinder the conflict resolution process. By the end of the session, participants will be equipped to proactively respond to conflict situations using the conflict resolution strategy most appropriate to the situation.

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