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The On Target Supervisory Series
      Effective Supervision Workshop
      Interviewing and Selecting Employees
      Effective Performance Appraisals
      Positive Discipline and Fair Treatment
      Problem Solving and Decision Making
      Recognizing and Rewarding Employees
      On Target Meetings

The On Target Leadership & Personal Effectiveness Series
      Excellence in Leadership Program
      Communicating for Results
      Team Building for Team Leaders
      Effective Time Management
      Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring
      Responding to and Managing Conflict

The On Target Customer Service Series
      Basics of Customer Service
      Building Customer Rapport: Understanding Communication Styles
      Face-to-Face Customer Service
      Customer Service Telephone Skills
      Advanced Telephone Response Techniques
      Handling Conflicts with Customers

Other Popular Programs
      Closing the Sale
      Negotiation Skills
      Responding to and Managing Conflict
      Leading the High Performance Team
      Team Skills for Team Members
      Leading Change
      Time Management
      Train-the-Trainer (Dynamic Training Skills)
      Promoting Workplace Diversity
      Communicating in a Diverse Environment
      Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Individual and Organizational Assessment Products
      Managing for Success Assessments Series
      Management Solution Assessments Series
      Improving Interpersonal Skills
      Focused Assessment
      Team Assessments

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