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At On Target, we provide you with the tools necessary to build your training consulting business.

Do you have a desire to build a training and/or consulting business?

The Authorized Distributor Program is designed for professional training and management consultants who want to enhance their business and increase their income by selling On Target program materials into their own customer base. The most successful distributors accomplish this in two ways:

  1. Use On Target Materials in your own training workshops. Most successful training consultants have the ability to offer their clients a wide variety of training programs. By using On Target programs, experienced training consultants can offer a wider range of professionally designed programs without the costly and time-consuming effort necessary to develop a high quality program. This leaves you with more time to develop client relationships and build your consulting practice. Our programs will enable you to present training programs on over 30 different topics. You remain the expert training consultant.

  2. Market the On Target product line to internal training professionals. You can market the On Target training products to companies or organizations that have existing training departments. Inside training professionals are often in need of new training programs to offer to their own internal employees or members. Our programs are easy to use and offer the training professional the opportunity to present new and exciting programs without the costly and time-consuming effort necessary to develop new material. These internal training professionals will appreciate your ability to provide them with customizable programs that can be made to look as though they were developed in house. We offer these programs to our distributor associates at a significant discount. Your clients order directly from you and you order direct from On Target. You maintain the client relationship with your customers while On Target acts as your personal source of training materials.
Eligibility Requirements for Distributor Associates
  • You must be independently employed and in the business of providing training, management consulting or related services. (You must not be in a position to sell products directly to your employer.)
  • You must reside in the United States or Canada
  • You must be capable of providing first line customer support
  • On Target must approve the Distributor Application form
  • Partner must furnish signed Partnership Agreement
[1] Requirements must be met annually and may vary outside the U.S.
[2] On Target reserves the right to charge an annual fee for membership as an Authorized Distributor in the future.

Join us as an Authorized On Target Distributor and get access to high-quality training programs and related training products and tools that will help you expand your consulting business.

To become an Authorized On Target Distributor

There are three easy steps to becoming an Authorized On Target Distributor:

  1. Complete the On-line Application Form below.

  2. Once your application has been approved, On Target will send you an Authorized Distributor Agreement via e-mail, which should be signed and an original returned to On Target via U.S. mail.

  3. On receipt of a signed Distributor Agreement, we will send you an email providing you with all the necessary information to begin using the On Target Product line, including ordering information and login details.
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Yrs. In Business:

Please give a brief description of your organization:

How will being an On Target Distributor enhance your business?

What benefits will this provide for your customers?

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The On Target Supervisory Series
      Effective Supervision Workshop
      Interviewing and Selecting Employees
      Effective Performance Appraisals
      Positive Discipline and Fair Treatment
      Problem Solving and Decision Making
      Recognizing and Rewarding Employees
      On Target Meetings

The On Target Leadership & Personal Effectiveness Series
      Excellence in Leadership Program
      Communicating for Results
      Team Building for Team Leaders
      Effective Time Management
      Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring
      Responding to and Managing Conflict

The On Target Customer Service Series
      Basics of Customer Service
      Building Customer Rapport: Understanding Communication Styles
      Face-to-Face Customer Service
      Customer Service Telephone Skills
      Advanced Telephone Response Techniques
      Handling Conflicts with Customers

Other Popular Programs
      Closing the Sale
      Negotiation Skills
      Responding to and Managing Conflict
      Leading the High Performance Team
      Team Skills for Team Members
      Leading Change
      Time Management
      Train-the-Trainer (Dynamic Training Skills)
      Promoting Workplace Diversity
      Communicating in a Diverse Environment
      Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Individual and Organizational Assessment Products
      Managing for Success Assessments Series
      Management Solution Assessments Series
      Improving Interpersonal Skills
      Focused Assessment
      Team Assessments


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