About On Target

We believe an organizationís success is directly related to the individual success of its employees. We help positive, productive employees build upon their strengths.

On Target is a full-service training and development company that specializes in delivering high quality training programs that lead to positive, permanent change in each program participant. Our products and services include:

Providing Training Program Materials

On Target has developed training programs on a wide variety of topics. We offer these programs to companies and organizations that are committed to training and developing their employees, supervisors and managers. In organizations that already have a professional training staff, we work with the internal trainers to ensure that the On Target programs are conducted in the most effective manner possible. We believe that training is most effective when it is delivered by the organizationís own internal experts. Our program materials can also be modified or customized to meet your specific training objectives.

Designing Custom Training Programs

At times, you may find that your training need is so unique and/or so specific to your organization that it is necessary to develop a new training program. If you have the expertise in-house, it is almost always best to develop these programs using your own internal experts. However, we recognize that there are times when you may prefer to use outside instructional design experts to design your program. When you must go outside of your own organization, we can help.

We can design, prepare and deliver a customized training program in a wide variety of topical areas. Our designers have experience and knowledge in many areas and design high quality programs that satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Conducting Training Programs

Each On Target program can be presented by a fully trained On Target facilitator. Since our facilitators are skilled at meeting facilitation, we can also help when an independent or impartial facilitator is needed to conduct your meeting, retreat or conference.

Conducting Individual and Organizational Assessments

On Target offers several assessment instruments designed to meet a variety of organizational and individual development needs. The reports generated from these assessments provide specific information designed to increase individual and organizational effectiveness.

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